Rent – Ready

Our network of qualified vendors can quickly “turn” any unit in any condition.  We present our owners with a recommended scope of work and bid for all vacant properties.  Once the work has been approved by the owner our vendors will begin work immediately.  The thorough and quick turnaround process maximizes rents for the owner while providing a clean and safe place to live for our future tenants.

Our Rental Property Management Services for the Phoenix area:

Hire us to supervise the rent-ready work on your home.  We take the grief out of long distance property ownership.

A Gentry agent will visit your property, film its current condition, and forward the video you for review.  We will recommend a scope of work to bring the home back to rent-ready condition.

We will then assign one or more of our vendors to prepare an estimate to complete the scope of work.  We only used trusted and licensed contractors that have a long-term relationship with Gentry Real Estate Group.

Your Gentry Property Manager will return to the property after rehab is complete and film a second video.  We will forward this video to you along with the invoice.  You can then log into our convenient online portal and make an e-payment for the completed work.