Legal Protection

We monitor local/state/and federal law and any changes regarding rental/investment properties. Hire us and rest easy that your investment is being managed in compliance with all applicable laws/rules.

Here is what we can monitor and manage for you:

  • Stay aware of any changes or updates to the extensive Arizona Landlord Tenant Act.
  • Follow all Fair Housing Laws with respect to advertising and the application process.
  • Collect rental taxes from the tenant and forward to the city governments on your behalf.
  • Utilize our landlord friendly lease agreement to promote your rights and interests in every contract.
  • Act as your required Arizona statutory agent.
  • Help you register your property with Maricopa County as required by law.
  • Conduct legal evictions (forcible detainers) and obtain money judgments against non-performing tenants. – Use of an Arizona lawyer is required.
  • Make sure tenants comply with all local municipal ordinances.
  • Act as liaison between HOA management companies and the tenant/owner for violations or assessments.
  • Ensure that the home is being maintained according to local codes.
  • Verify that each tenant obtains renters insurance prior to lease signing.
  • Monitor any changes in local/state/federal law regarding your property and respond accordingly.