Applicant Screening

We do a thorough review of all potential tenants for your Arizona property. We obtain a completed application, photo ID, pay stubs, and current/past rental references for each applicant. We then perform a credit check, rental verification, and criminal/eviction search to fully understand the strength of the application. Once we have performed the necessary research on potential applicants we will contact the owner for final approval.

Proper up-front due diligence is the key to profitable real-estate investment. We make every effort to verify the credibility of the applicants that we present to our owners for approval.

We require from all applicants:

  • A detailed online application
  • Copies of most recent pay stubs
  • Copies of previous years W-2
  • Phone verification with current employer
  • Copies of state issued forms of identification
  • Contact info for landlords from the previous 2 years

Rental Process:

  • We will contact current and past landlords to identify late payment or upkeep issues
  • We run a full credit check to verify past addresses and check payment history and current debt obligations
  • We run a eviction history search to see if there are any public files from past evictions
  • We run a criminal background check on each applicant to check for any crimes not disclosed on the application

Red flags:

  • Incomplete application information
  • Addresses on applications not matching credit bureau info
  • Addresses on pay stubs not matching application info
  • Landlord listed on application does not match owner listed on county records
  • Employer does not show up on the credit profile

After completing all necessary research, one of our talented Arizona property managers will present the applicant and their qualifications to the owner. The approval decision is completely in the owners hands. We are willing to make suggestions based on our years of experience as property managers in Arizona.