How To Locate Your Ideal Arizona Foreclosure

Foreclosures provide lenders the opportunity to take what’s owed on a mortgage loan by process of repossessing the property to which the loan is secured. When borrowers default on their loans, the foreclosure process is put into motion following a specified time period. Once the foreclosure process has begun, a public default notice is filed by the lender, and the property is either sold or auctioned off by the lending financial establishment. These types of properties are typically sold at prices significantly lower than those found on the market, but often take a bit more effort to purchase. In this entry, we will walk you through the ins and outs associated with finding your ideal foreclosure property.

1 – Check out government records regarding area properties in person and online. Head down to your government office buildings or the county courthouse and search for available homes in the area you are most interested in. County records will provide you with information regarding public auction times and dates, while giving you a basic list of options to sort through.

2 – Hop online and look for peruse bank websites that list bank-owned properties. Most of these sites will include photos, descriptions and prices alongside contact information for area agents.

3 – Place yourself in contact with local residential management services. Many specialize in foreclosures and can provide you with area listings as they become available.

4 – Hire a local real estate agent who specializes in foreclosures. These professionals will be able to offer information on impending foreclosures and are familiar enough with the local market to point you in the direction of properties you may be interested in. Choosing a foreclosures specialist will help ensure you’re working with someone with knowledge and experience in the field, while maximizing your time, budget and listings reach.

5 – Skim through local newspapers and online for upcoming foreclosure auctions in Arizona. Write down dates, times and auctioneers you find and search online to view their available listings. You may also benefit from listings of auction companies that list nationwide… You never know what you’ll find!

6 – Be persistent. Buying a home – let alone a foreclosure – is never an easy process. With the market gaining momentum following the recent housing collapse, more and more investors are turning to foreclosures to make a quick buck. Though it may take some time to locate your match… with the right mindset, determination and resources on your side, you’re bound to strike big eventually.

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What Can A Property Management Company Do For Me?

If you own rental or investment property, hiring a property management company is a decision that holds the potential for a number of benefits. Professional property management companies can make a huge impact on the way investors care for their properties, while affording them the ability to place focus in areas better suited to their attention. If you’re currently evaluating your property management options, the entry below will provide you with a better view of the many benefits to come.

Tenant Selection

When renting out a property, your property management company will be the ones to evaluate and select the tenants for you; an aspect, which will often make or break the success of your rental. Companies such as these often come with a large amount of experience in selecting tenants, and will be able to find someone who is responsible, respectful, and able to pay on time.


An additional benefit to hiring a property management company for your property is worry-free maintenance. A property management company will provide you with a team of maintenance specialists to handled various problem that will inevitably arise with the property. Tenants with an issue will be able to simply call up the management company with their issues, rather than contacting you at an inconvenient time; ultimately saving you a fair amount of time, stress and hassle. When repairs are more in-depth, the management company will generally contact the property owner prior to proceeding with the task at hand to gain your approval.

Tenant Interaction

Aside from helping with the selection process, the property management company will take care of your tenant interactions throughout the rental agreement. From collecting rent to maintenance and property repairs, the management team will act as your representation, providing you with a more hands-off and stress-free rental experience. When issues do arise, tenants will be instructed to contact the property management company directly to deal with the problem.

Lower Vacancy Rate

Vacancy can be a stressful ordeal for any property owner. A professional property management company will be able to locate tenants to rent your property to help ensure a profit. An experienced property manager will also be able to prep and show your property to potential renters, providing you with more time and less work throughout the rental process.

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How To Purchase And Rehab An Investment Or Foreclosure Property

Bummed about missing the real estate boom? Hope is on the way! These days, there is more opportunity in real estate than most any other investment possibility. In this entry, we will offer up a few tips and tricks to get you into the game.


1 – As you are likely aware, the real estate market is not what it used to be. However, one constant need among Americans still lies in a place to live… and this applies especially to affordable properties! Down markets present the opportunity for high profits; you just need to know where to look!

2 – Be careful and do your research. What appears to be a great deal, may quickly turn into a money pit. Educate yourself on the property values of homes in the neighborhood of your potential purchase and compare them to the cost of property + remodeling.

Take the time to locate a real estate agent with experience in foreclosure purchases that has your best interests at heart. Your relationship with this individual may be just as vital as the one you hold with your accountant or attorney. Be diligent and avoid settling for someone who doesn’t sit well with you.

3 – Determine your price range, the type of property, and the goals for this investment. Will you keep the property as a rental? Will you flip it after the remodel is complete? Are you purchasing for your own use? These questions must be answered before moving forward with the purchase process.

4 – Short sales and foreclosures are typically sold AS IS. As such, you must hire a qualified property inspector to evaluate the property prior to signing anything. If you purchase without an inspection, you MUST be certain of what you’re getting into.

5 – Once you’ve made it through the purchase process, the fun can really begin! Outline a strategy for renovations and move quickly to ensure a better bang for your buck. Set a budget and stick to it. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations on area contractors and call up a few to obtain price estimates. If a contractor specializes in one area, but not another, ask them for recommendations on someone who can complete the project. Most contractors will have a fairly good idea of other quality specialists and will be able to point you in the right direction.

6 – Keep in mind: The majority of home loans take effect 45 days after closing. Rehabs typically take around 90. The faster you can get your renovation completed, the quicker you’ll be able to turn a profit! Get that puppy listed and start enjoying the good life!

Purchasing A Foreclosed Arizona Home In 7 Easy Steps

Purchasing an Arizona foreclosure can be a long and arduous process. With the housing market on the upswing, getting through the buying process has become increasingly difficult due to added interest from investors and bargain buyers. In addition, a number of specific contract requirements are employed in foreclosure purchases, which not found in conventional home sales. In the following entry, we will seek to provide you with a few tips and tricks to help make your foreclosure purchase as quick and painless as possible.

Step 1 – Contact various real estate agents to find out about their level of experience in dealing with foreclosures. Inquire as to how many foreclosure transactions they have completed and how close their accepted offers were to the asking price.

Step 2 – Get approved! Get in touch with one of our lenders to determine how much you can get. Call ahead for pre-approval and shop around for the best rate and amount. Once you’ve found acceptable terms, it’s time to schedule a face-to-face meeting to obtain hard approval. Organize your past tax records, pay stubs and other documentation to prove your worth.

Step 3 – Select specific areas where you are interested in purchasing. Areas such as Maricopa, Surprise and Queen Creek have a much higher number of foreclosures that neighborhoods that are more centrally located. Due to the high number of available properties in these areas, you are likely to get a much larger, newer property for your money. Make a request for a comparative market analysis before you submit any offer to help ensure a good price.

Step 4 – Get ready to move! Many of these properties often have numerous, above-list-price offers. If you see a listing that interests you, avoid waiting for a more convenient time to pay a visit. In many cases, the property will be gone before you know it.

Step 5 – Submit your offer! Foreclosures typically take a little longer to obtain approval than owner-occupied properties. Once your offer is approved, you will need to complete a second set of documents… which also require approval. Once this second set is signed, you’re golden, Cowboy!

Step 6 – Make certain to get the most out of your inspection period. Locate and hire a professional home inspector to complete a full-scale inspection of the property. Visit the neighborhood during different periods of the day to determine the actual conditions.

Step 7 – Close – Close – CLOSE! Bring along a certified check to take care of the down payment and sign your closing documents in front of a certified title authority. Once the documents are recorded, you will receive your keys and be free to move!

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Glendale Police Warn of Garage Thefts

The Arizona Republic reported today that Glendale police are noticing an increasing trend in garage thefts. Thieves are breaking the windows on the garage door and then pulling the release cord for the spring allowing full access to the garage in the middle of the night. Police suggest installing a motion detector in the garage or a special lock for the garage door. Read the full article at azcentral.

Apache Junction Rental Home Ready Today

Our rehab contractor just released a new property to us this week. This is a 3 bedroom/2bath home in Apache Junction and is available for $875/month. Call 480-719-4649 after viewing the video if you have any questions or would like a personal tour of the home.

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2130 Haflinger Way

This is a terrific 5 bedroom rental home that just became available for rent.  It features new carpet, paint, and ceiling fans.  The home has a great floor plan with a full bed and bath on the first floor and the other 4brs upstairs with a large laundry room.

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