The primary reason investors turn to rental properties is financial security, and Phoenix’s rental market is booming.

In terms of the stock market as 2018 draws to a close, the year will go down as unusually volatile, with investors experiencing not one, but two corrections—declines of at least 10 percent from a recent high. Unknowns linger, such as whether the S&P 500 can retain year-to-date gains in December’s 20 trading days.

The challenges for investors aren’t limited to stocks. Bonds, gold, and oil are also assets down in 2018. According to The Wall Street Journal, 90 percent of the 70 asset classes tracked by Deutsche Bank posted negative total returns in dollar terms through mid-November, a nearly 100 year high for losses.

While the stock market is declining, investors can always count on rental properties to continue generating regular, dependable monthly income.

For the past 20 years, rental properties have been the most consistent investment available as growing numbers of investors have been putting their money into rental properties to avoid the losses sustained following the Dot-com bubble burst of the late 90s or the Great Recession.

Phownix rental property investments

The obvious benefit of  owning a long-term rental property investment is the consistent monthly cash flow. In Phoenix, rentals are in high demand as the Metro area’s business sector experiences booming growth, and demand for rentals to accommodate the steady stream of new residents arriving to join the workforce. Depending upon your preference, you may be more inclined to invest in a single-family home versus a multi-family rental property. There are more renters in Phoenix than ever before, and demand for both types of  residential rental housing is high,

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Phoenix rental property investments