Arizona home curb appeal

Home sellers in the Phoenix area want to make the best first impression on potential buyers by making sure the home’s curb appeal captures buyers’ attention in a good way.  Curb appeal in the desert is unique to other parts of the country. You want to make sure your property’s landscape reflects the regional geography and desert scenery, especially the amazing flora.

If you’re selling or thinking about selling your Arizona home, here are six curb appeal tips to run with by maximizing some awe-inspiring regional elements and generally make the home appear at its best.

Walk the property with buyers in mind

Before you roll up your sleeves and start planting, take a slow, calculated stroll of the property with buyers in mind. Are regional plants and hardscape features incorporated in the landscape? Are there any dry, neglected patches that could be improved with some attractive regional groundcover, cacti, succulents, and/or perennials? Take notes about what elements you can incorporate to add color and style to your property.

Check functional elements as well. Are the house numbers visible from the street? If not, replace them with new numbers that complement the home’s architectural style and color. Is the home’s exterior lighting working properly, especially at doorways and on pathways? Outdoor lighting should be aesthetic and provide a security factor that is important to homebuyers. Notice any loose or lifting walkway or driveway pavers? If so, you’ll want to fix them even before you start showing the house for safety reasons, as well as aesthetics.

Store away any toys or yard equipment laying about and make sure to clear away weeds, debris, and trash. Hide garbage receptacles in an area that is out-of-view when visitors approach the house.

Replace the Front Door

Arizona home curb appeal

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If the home’s front door leaves much to be desired, both in style and condition, consider replacing it with a door that is architecturally compatible with the home. Front doors make a substantial impression on visitors and potential buyers. In the desert Southwest, an iron door can add instant luxury and security to the home. Although they look expensive, affordable architectural front doors are readily available, and the impact on your home’s curb appeal will be priceless.

Pressure wash exterior elements

Pressure wash decks, exterior walls or siding, walkways, porches, and patio. Pressure washing is an easy and inexpensive way to clear away years of dirt and debris that accumulates over the years and ensures sparkling clean exterior spaces. A good pressure wash can make a home appear almost brand new, and gives the impression of a well-maintained home, another important quality to buyers.

If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can rent one from a local home improvement store or if you’re willing to spend more, hire a professional pressure washer.

Paint elements that don’t shine after pressure washing
Porch railings, shutters, doors, painted surfaces, and trim may need repainting after years of harsh desert weather elements have diminished their original sheen.

A fresh coat of paint where it’s needed can work wonders to improve your home’s curb appeal. Use the same colors or switch it up if another color may work better on certain surfaces. Use the opportunity to match pained elements, such as shutters and the front door or the porch railing and decorative columns. Fresh paint can go a long way toward capturing the curb appeal your home had the day you bought it.

Add some landscaping elements that add color and textures found in the native desert scenery
Native flowering plants are great for adding color to an Arizona home landscape. Combine with non-flowering plants like succulents and cacti to add depth and contrast. Plants are a great way to surround your home with color. Some annual desert plants are always in bloom (unless it’s the middle of winter).

Colorful plants and landscape elements create an inviting, welcoming appearance that visitors love, which is the goal of great curb appeal.

Light up pathways and entryways

If you don’t already have pathway lighting installed, consider adding it to the walkway leading to the home’s front entrance. Pathway lighting makes a home stand out among others in the neighborhood and provides an important safety feature. Pathway lighting doesn’t have to be expensive—most hardware stores offer a wide selection of reasonably-priced walkway lighting options that are easy-to-install and look amazing.

Outdoor lighting can also be used to create a dramatic lighting effect among your landscape features and plants.

Make sure your front entrance is equipped with a working light fixture that illuminates the doorway area fully for an attractive appearance and security. Home buyers rate security high on their list of must-haves and fully illuminated entryways fill the bill beautifully.

An attractive view of a home from the street can not only help sell your home, but it can also boost your property’s value.  Curb appeal should be important to all homeowners, whether or not they are looking to sell their homes.

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Arizona home curb appeal