Tucson most affordable U.S. city for minimum wage earners

Tucson topped the list of a GOBankingRates study to determine the cities where it’s easiest to live on minimum wage income.

Tucsonmost affordable
Arizona has a relatively high minimum wage ($2.75 above the federal minimum wage). While minimum-wage workers face financial struggles no matter where they live, some cities are more affordable than others. Mesa and Phoenix also fell within GOBankingRates’ top 10 list.

Of the 100 cities included in the study, only 13 made the cut. They were ranked in order of how much money was left over per year after paying for basic expenses, from the least amount of extra cash to the most. Low housing, grocery, and utility costs make Tucson one of the least expensive places to live. The median monthly rent in this city just 60 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border is only $628 — the seventh lowest on the GOBankingRates list. That’s a key reason why you can live in Tucson for less than $50,000 a year, and why it’s the city where your paycheck stretches furthest.


Tucson ranks best city