Phoenix-Area Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Continue to Drop

Phoenix mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates drop

Phoenix-area mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates among the lowest in the nation A robust job market and strong economy are contributing lower mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates in the Phoenix area and across Arizona that continued to … [Read more...]

New Opportunities to Meet Phoenix’s Affordable Apartment Shortfall Attracts Small- and Large-Scale investors

Phoenix new affordable apartment investor opportunities

Phoenix affordable apartment investor opportunities Apartments in the metro Phoenix area—both affordable and pricey—are a hot commodity among renters and investors who are snatching up Valley apartment complexes and rental homes as demand … [Read more...]

Step 2: 7 simple steps to buying Phoenix foreclosure homes

Purchase foreclosure properties in Phoenix  step 2

Video series: Buying Phoenix area foreclosure homes—7 simple steps Step 2.  No Gold in any certain zip code View previous videos in this series: Step 1.  The List Purchase foreclosure properties in … [Read more...]