Metro Phoenix’s population is expected to grow by 700,000 by 2026

Arizona will add close to 543,000 net new jobs through 2026, a figure based on a 10-year estimate that includes 2018 and 2017 from the state Office of Economic Opportunity..

The state’s  1.7 percent annual growth rate is higher than the projected  0.7 percent average annual job additions for the United States through 2026.

Arizona’s population, currently estimated at 7.1 million, is projected to reach 8.1 million by 2026. The Metro Phoenix population is expected to increase from around 4.8 million to 5.5 million by 2026.


Other key findings from the report:

  • Maricopa County, especially its suburban areas, could experience the fastest growth, with annual employment increases estimated at 2.1 percent. That figure does not include Phoenix, which is expected to  see job growth at a 1.5 increase rate. Maricopa County could account for 75 percent of all Arizona job gains through 2026, with the rest of the state accounting for the remaining 25 percent.
  • Yavapai County employment is also expected to grow by 2.1 percent annually, meeting the state’s fastest pace. matching the fastest pace.





Metro Phoenix population growth

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