16 amazing energy-saving tips for outsmarting the heat during the blistering Phoenix summer months

Phoenix summer energy conservation tips

16 energy-saving tips that will make summer in Phoenix more manageable than you think! Whether you’re a long-time resident of Phoenix or recently relocated and settling into your first West Valley home, chances are you’re at least a bit … [Read more...]

Phoenix old home flips: preserve the architectural details to maximize profit

Phoenix old home flips

Phoenix old home flips The Phoenix area is one of the most popular areas in the U.S. for home flipping. The area has a generous supply of older homes that attract real estate investors looking to renovate and resell for a profit.  When it comes to … [Read more...]

Rental property income ROI: small-scale rental property owners’ profit potential higher than expected

rental home ROI

Rental property income ROI The millions of small-scale rental property owners in the U.S. and others who are considering joining these ranks may be surprised to learn that, as an investment, rental home ownership is nearly as profitable as stocks … [Read more...]

Memorial Day American flag etiquette: fly your red, white and blue like an expert

Memorial Day

Memorial Day flag flying etiquette Here in Phoenix, people take pride in flying the flag, not just on patriotic holidays like Memorial Day--every day. But sometimes even the most loyal citizens aren't as well-versed as others on flag flying … [Read more...]

Phoenix AZs home flipping rate among the five highest in the nation at 8.5 percent

Phoenix AZ home flipping rate

Phoenix AZ home flipping rate among top 5 in the U.S. Phoenix is one of five metro areas with at least 1 million people that can boast the highest home flipping rates in 2017.  ATTOM Data Solutions recently released its Q4 and Year-End 2017 U.S. … [Read more...]

Chandler, Arizona’s Price Corridor, and the city’s tech-fueled economic evolution

Chandler Economic Growth

Chandler's economic future, like most of the East and West Valleys, is on a high-tech path, but the city's agricultural legacy is still recognizable along the Price Corridor—the span of property that is home to tech giants like Intel, Orbital, … [Read more...]