Arizona’s economic growth continues at a steady pace

Arizona's economic growth

Arizona's economic growth steady Arizona is generating solid economic growth entering the new year, outpacing the nation. Income gains have been strong, most likely reflecting the increase in the state’s minimum wage and tighter overall labor … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing for Novices

How to get started in residential real estate investing Not everyone dreams of being a landlord, but investing in residential real estate can be a lucrative addition to an investment portfolio, and a great income stream generator in retirement. With … [Read more...]

Forecasters predict Phoenix housing market on a steady rise in 2018

Forecasters are predicting a steady rise in the Phoenix residential real estate market in 2018.  The Phoenix area, including Chandler and Goodyear, is a competitive market right now due to increased demand and a decrease in supply. Millennials … [Read more...]